Why do the Rich let the Poor Die ?

The question of why the Rich let the Poor die in Poverty has been around for thousands of years. Even Lao Tzu mentions in the Tao Te Ching that the village has no grain while the Rich strut around like Peacocks. Or something like that. So the evil Rich have been with us since the birth of Civilization. The divide between the Rich and the Poor has never been worse than it is now in the United States in 2020. Millions are facing the downward spiral towards Poverty because of the Covid-19 Pandemic and the Government is refusing to help. This is because the Wealthiest people in the Country don’t want to be bothered with the problems of the Poor. My God, They have Houses and Yachts to buy. Or $100 million dollar paintings to collect. The thought of millions of people crawling through the garbage for food is none of their concern. What could be more awful than getting your taxes raised to help people fighting to survive. “It’s there Fault” The Billionaire snaps to his millionaire friends at the Country Club. And to think these ‘people’ want their wages increased so they can afford their rent ! Don’t you know I have 150 Billion dollars to take care of. The stress of having 150,000 thousand million dollars is awful ! I deserve a new Maserati as a reward for my suffering. Or another Mansion. Yes, the Evil Rich have been around since the Devil was invented. They have sent armies of poor people out into battle to hack themselves to pieces with swords. Don’t these homeless Americans know how good they have it. I mean we provide at least one public toilet per 100,000 citizens ! Be happy you live in the greatest Country on Earth. What, You want ‘Healthcare as a Human Right’. Well forget about. I am not paying another cent on the zero taxes I pay. My friends the Republicans have assured me America will never have a National Healthcare System. God Bless Mitch McConnell. God Bless The Republican Party. God Bless Capitalism.