Stop Writing about Covid 19.

By Andrew Shachat

Everyday the Media writes about the Covid 19 Virus and lists the Death count. I am sick of it. This is terrible for my mental health. Repeating the same negative stories over and over. There is more going on in the World than Covid 19. But the Media is a grotesque repetition machine. It is poisoning my life. I got my first vaccination last week. I am sick of seeing people in masks. People wear masks riding bicycles. Is the Virus spewing from exhaust pipes? I decided to rebel. When I go for a hike I don’t wear a mask. I sit in Nature and meditate. I am not going to sit there like an idiot with a mask on. I am all for wearing masks indoors. But enough is enough. When I get my second vaccination I am going to celebrate. No more outdoor mask wearing. Wake up people. Take off the frigging mask and breathe deeply the fresh oxygen of the beautiful Planet.