Selling Art on Saatchi Online Sucks

You get what you pay for. And Saatchi Online is Free. I read they represent 110,000 artists and have over a million works of Art for sale. I tried posting my Artwork on Saatchi Online and so far it has been a waste of time. My work doesn’t appear after looking at 1000 paintings. You would think they would give a new artist on their site a chance to be seen. Most of the Art I saw searching the site doesn’t appeal to me. Anyone can post their Art and it shows. After looking at 1000 works of Art on Saatchi I felt slightly nauseated and depressed. Seeing so much bad art is not a cultural experience. But there is a game going on as to whose art gets seen. The website employs professional curators who make Collections. I noticed that some of the Art chosen by the Curators did sell. Is this because the Art is good or because it is given certain distinction by being Curated. I am also an Art Collector and I have had a positive experience buying Art on Saatchi Online for under $300. I have found several Artists I really like who sell for low prices. My experience at Saatchi Online has left me feeling hopeless about selling my Art. Maybe my work sucks! The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art choose my Art four times for their Tumbler page. But no galleries contacted me. Even my friends have no interest in buying my Art. Over the years I have thrown away hundreds of paintings to cleanse myself of this noxious hobby. I often feel great shame that I continue to produce so much useless Art that nobody wants. My greatest achievement is that my work is hanging at the local Psychiatric Facility. Also I sold a painting to a rich Movie Director whose career flopped twenty five years ago. I have tried to quit making art but my life felt terribly meaningless. There are moments when I feel uplifted and joyful after creating my newest painting. My heart sings and I feel at one with the great Artists in History.