Happiness is Overrated

By Andrew Shachat

Most of us chase happiness our entire lives. But no matter how much happiness you achieve it never lasts. The perfect Relationship turns into Hell on Earth. Great Health fades as we Age. The list goes on and on. I have suffered from Depression my entire Adult Life. My periods of happiness don’t last long. To make matters worse my Mind attacks and blames me for not being Happy. When I felt unhappy as a child my Dad basically told me to shut up. Eventually I grew to hate my parents and I started using drugs everyday. Getting High gave me chemical happiness but I always crashed down into a Depression. Things looked hopeless for me until I met my first girlfriend in High School. I learned sex was better than drugs and my life improved. But eventually I lost interest in my Girlfriend and returned to using Psychedelic drugs. In 1987 I had a bad trip and developed chronic Depression and Anxiety. It was very frightening to feel so mentally ill. I worked hard in Therapy to feel happiness again. I practiced yoga and meditation. I joined support groups. But my happiness was fragile. Finally I was prescribed Anti-Depressants. Now I am 60 years old and have been single for years. I can’t say I am happy all the time. But I am learning that is okay not to be happy. It’s okay to feel lonely. I do experience periods of deep joy and happiness in Nature. I love photography. But my happiness comes and goes. And that is okay.