American Capitalism Sucks

Now that Donald Trump has walked away from the Stimulus Plan it should be obvious to Americans that electing Rich Sociopaths is destroying the Nation. The entire Republican Congress exhibits hatred and sadism toward the American people. The cruelty is disgusting and reprehensible. All these members of Congress are Wealthy and are employed by the Federal Government. They have great Healthcare. It is their job to protect the American people during the Pandemic. But they are not doing it because they are self serving evil people. As thousands of people fall into Poverty and become homeless these despicable human beings go home to their Mansions and eat dinner with their families. American Capitalism is not working. The population is electing Wealthy Sociopaths to run the Government. And in return people’s lives are being ruined. Once you sink into Poverty in America it is almost impossible to rise back up. Your life is horrible until you die broke in a Hospital or worse in a tent. America is not a compassionate Nation. It is a cruel Nation run by Wealthy Sociopaths and Criminals.