God is not All Loving
By Andrew Shachat

God is not All Loving. That’s a lie for little children. When you look at the World you can observe God delights in Suffering. Eternity is such a drag. It has no end. So God created a friend he called Satan. Satan creates such terrible pain and suffering that God forgets he or she is Eternal. The thrill of feeling Time seduces God into more and more extreme horrors. Delightful experiences pop like soap bubbles. Pleasure is fleeting. But suffering is thick like tar. It leaves behind Memories. Memories that never fade. Sometimes God stops playing with Satan and returns to Eternal Nothingness. Eternal Peace. Eternal Emptiness. Satan takes a time out. He becomes one with God. And all the beings in all the universes are filled with Love and Joy.

My Sunday Depression Monster

By Andrew Shachat

Sundays are awful. I wake up and don’t want to be conscious. My Depression has put me in an empty box. Over the years I have lost all my close friends. Some of them dumped me after I was hospitalized for attempting suicide…

Stop Writing about Covid 19.

By Andrew Shachat

Everyday the Media writes about the Covid 19 Virus and lists the Death count. I am sick of it. This is terrible for my mental health. Repeating the same negative stories over and over. There is more going on in the World…

The Bachelor is a BDSM Fantasy.

I confess I really enjoy The Bachelor. But it’s looking more and more like a Sado- Masochistic fantasy World. The Bachelor is The Lord and the Ladies are his Love Slaves. I suspect contestants suffer permanent Psychological trauma from being part of this Show…

Loneliness is Hell
by Andrew Shachat

During this Covid 19 lockdown I have experienced hellish loneliness. Loneliness is nothing new for me. I’ve experienced intense bouts of loneliness since I was an adolescent. I grew up before Dating Apps so meeting a Woman was very difficult. I spent years alone…

Happiness is Overrated

By Andrew Shachat

Most of us chase happiness our entire lives. But no matter how much happiness you achieve it never lasts. The perfect Relationship turns into Hell on Earth. Great Health fades as we Age. The list goes on and on. I have suffered from Depression my…

Trump is a dangerous enemy of the Nation and he is being allowed to attack our Democracy everyday with his lies. When someone is burning down your house you don’t stand there and watch. Trump is a very evil and mentally ill man and he belongs in Jail. But Democrats are afraid to fight back and drag this criminal out of the White House. He is a traitor and everyone who supports him is complicit. If Republicans want a Civil War Democrats should be ready to fight for Democracy. Republicans are no longer Americans. They have pledged allegiance to Trump. It’s hard to believe things have gotten this bad. But why are we afraid to take Trump out of the White House for Treason ? Why are we letting him twist the minds of his followers? Why ?

Now that Donald Trump has walked away from the Stimulus Plan it should be obvious to Americans that electing Rich Sociopaths is destroying the Nation. The entire Republican Congress exhibits hatred and sadism toward the American people. The cruelty is disgusting and reprehensible. All these members of Congress are Wealthy…

Why do the Rich let the Poor Die ?

The question of why the Rich let the Poor die in Poverty has been around for thousands of years. Even Lao Tzu mentions in the Tao Te Ching that the village has no grain while the Rich strut around like Peacocks…

Todd Zen


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